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Take Charge Of Your Career
We Specialize In Placing Extraordinary, Senior-Level Women

We Work With & Place Extraordinary Leaders

VOLO specializes in identifying extraordinary, senior-level female leaders - Board, CEO, and C-Suite - across virtually every industry and sector worldwide. Yes, we also identify high-potential men.  

Our global proprietary database allows our executive search consultants to identify a strong slate of exceptionally accomplished diverse talent that’s off-the-market and off the grid.

The data is crystal clear.  Only a fraction of adult women we network with worldwide use social media (e.g., 3% of Japan, 10% of China, and 24% of the United States of America).

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Driven Technology

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Create a global, proprietary database that has 40M+ exceptional leaders, sprinkle in AI, and in an old-fashioned way, we call everyone, ask them how they are doing, and share a career opportunity because board members, CEOs, and c-suite leaders develop a personal network instead of a social one.

Recruit exceptional decision-makers with high integrity, intelligence, and energy for our clients across virtually every industry and sector worldwide.


The Pareto Principle holds in sports, high education/universities, businesses, and across organizations:

  • the top 1% accounts for 10% of organizational output

  • the top 5% accounts for 25% of organizational output

  • the top 20% accounts for 80% of organizational output


"Our board and senior leadership team continue to recommend your company." 

- Client Testimonial

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